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Restaurant Merch

Restaurant Merch


Creativity and quality matters when developing a merchandise program. Most brands constantly fail to deliver products their audiences will actually want to wear or use. We help companies get it right the first time so they can grow their brand.

Flavour Gallery works across multiple industries to help brands monetize their audiences and grow their reach through quality merchandising. Our experience has helped our clients create explosive campaigns and value for their companies and their communities. We make the whole experience worthwhile, and the results impactful.

By working with Flavour Brand Co., our team will help bring your vision to life.  Our experience and infrastructure will provide you with the confidence, tools and support you need to launch a new revenue stream.  The quality of our products and services will feel like a natural extension of your brand and you will have the time to dedicate on what matters most to your business.


1. DESIGN - Our team will design the product for you. Provide your logo or artwork, and let us do the rest. 

2. PRODUCT - We have the product and ideas that will help you stand out. Our team will help you pick top tier and diverse products to help your company make an impact.

3. LAUNCH - After a 10 day production period, it’s time to launch your product. Let your supporters wear what you’ve created.

If you want to get involved, click this link so we can get in touch with you and get your merch program running.
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