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Visual Food

Not sure when looking at photos of food became one of my favorite pastimes, but I find I never get bored of it.  The closest thing I can compare it to is how a surfer never gets tired of looking at photos of waves...  If one looks at old surf magazines from the 1970s they do not look much different than magazines do now with the exception of how technology has enhanced the overall visual quality.  Food somehow looks much tastier and artistic as a result of modern technology.  What I also love about these new advances, primarily when digital photography meets social media, is that we now get a chance to share in others' food experiences.  

One of my favorite blogs is GREAT FOOD PHOTOS.  It provides a special collection of photos that will get your stomach turning and your taste buds craving for any of the amazing treats their contributors capture.  From here you will find some unique destinations to food photographers around the globe.  We recommend opening a bottle of your favorite varietal, playing your favorite tunes, and spending some time clicking away through this site.

Photo by Stephane Reynaud

Photo by Nick Solares

Photo by Brian Ferry

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