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Branded Merchandise


Flavour Gallery is the industry leader when it comes to designing, developing and marketing apparel to culinary enthusiasts.


Companies like yours take immense pride in using the best ingredients.  Whether it is for a dish, cocktail, restaurant design, public relations, packaging elements or technology the quality of your ingredients cannot be compromised.  Why not apply that to your branded merchandise?  After all, it is one of the most intimate ways customers connect with you and promote your brand.


We have an epidemic of subpar and poorly designed branded merchandise in this country and Flavour Gallery is solving that problem!


Our company offers products that look and feel like they were just sitting on the shelf next to the premium denim section at your favorite specialty store.  We help design and merchandise collections of product that your customers will actually want to wear.  What a novel idea, huh?  Let us guide you and find the styles that will best suit your customers and your budget.  We produce all types of products and offer low minimums and quick turnaround times.


It's time to step up your merchandise program!  Email us at or call us at (661) 888-2808 today.




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