Your Gift Guide To Valentine's Day

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Flowers and chocolates are so played out. Give your foodie what they really want this Valentine's Day. Check out these food-inspired gift ideas that are sure to give your partner those warm and fuzzies.
6. Pete Evans - Cook With Love
You can do more than just cook in the kitchen...
Pete Evans - Cook With Love - Men's Triblend Crew - Aqua
5. Greeting Card
Let the food do the talking...
4. Anne Burrell - Bacon Makes It Better
In the dog house? This shirt will get you out.
3. Marc Murphy - Surf All Day, Shuck All Night
Private lessons are free...
Marc Murphy - Surf All Day Shuck All Night - Men's Crew
2. Apron
And nothing but an apron...
1. Matthew Jennings - You Shuck Me All Night Long
Do it to ACDC!



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